At Nigel Griffiths handmade oak furniture we specialise in bespoke oak dining room furniture with both contemporary and traditional oak furniture designs available. Whether a solid or extending oak dining table, oak dining room chairs, other occasional oak chairs or statement piece of oak furniture, our Nigel Griffiths dining room range of fine oak furniture will be sure to enhance the quality of your dining room.

Nigel Griffiths handmade oak furniture specialise in the design and build of bespoke and unique oak office furniture. We can design for any period of style, from traditional solid oak furniture studies to a modern finish. Please view our traditional oak furniture Georgian desk and our oak writing bureau in our Unique oak furniture range which I am sure will meet all your requirements for a 21st century office whether it be at home or at work. 

  • Cross ended oak table

    Cross ended oak table

    1840mm (6ft) to 4570mm (15ft) long
  • Round gate leg oak table

    Round gate leg oak table

    1600mm (5ft 3ins) and 1900mm (6ft 3ins) diameter
  • Handmade oak Welsh dresser

    Handmade oak Welsh dresser

    1200mm (4ft) long x 1730mm height (5ft 8ins)
  • Long oak sideboard

    Long oak sideboard

    2000mm (6ft 6ins) long
  • Solid oak Georgian sideboard

    Solid oak Georgian sideboard

    1750mm (5ft 9ins) long
  • Large oak sideboard

    Large oak sideboard

    This example is 2000mm (6ft 6ins) long
  • Chest of oak drawers

    Chest of oak drawers

    The photo show an example 1380mm (4ft 6ins) long
  • Georgian oak side table

    Georgian oak side table

    This example is 1680mm (5ft 6ins) long
  • Oak wine cupboard

    Oak wine cupboard

    1000mm (2ft 9ins) long x 1300mm (4ft 3ins) high
  • Spindleback oak chairs

    Spindleback oak chairs

  • Abbey oak chairs

    Abbey oak chairs

  • Ladderback oak chairs

    Ladderback oak chairs

  • Stick back oak chair

    Stick back oak chair

  • Cromwellian oak chairs

    Cromwellian oak chairs

  • Derbyshire Yorkshire chairs

    Derbyshire Yorkshire chairs

  • Oak Cottage chair

    Oak Cottage chair

  • Box oak seat

    Box oak seat

    1070mm (3ft 6ins) long x 1070mm (3ft 6ins) high
  • Solid oak bookcase

    Solid oak bookcase

    1000mm (3ft) long x 1608 (5ft 6ins) high
  • Tall oak bookcase

    Tall oak bookcase

    970mm (3ft 2ins) wide x 2200mm (7ft 2ins) high
  • Georgian oak office desk

    Georgian oak office desk

    1600mm (5ft 3ins) long x 700mm (2ft 4ins) deep
  • Oak Wardrobe

    Oak Wardrobe

    1800mm (6ft) high x 840mm (2ft 10ins) wide
  • Derbyshire Oak Wing chair

    Derbyshire Oak Wing chair

Chairs are priced from £500,
Tables from £2,122 and
Sideboards from £3,386
with other items priced on request.